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The Platform

Serving The Community

Santiago Vazquez is running for Broward County Sheriff on or before August 18th 2020.

Santiago has been part of Broward County for OVER 22 years, working tirelessly to make it a better place. 

Allow me 1% of your trust and I will earn the rest of the 99%. 

United By A Common Goal

Diversity is what we need in our Sheriff's Office and Santiago Vazquez will hire from our own communities to bring out the smiling face of Law Enforcement.

Santiago knows the value of being connected to the multicultural and mixed diversity of people within Broward County. That's why he's running for SHERIFF to protect, and support the people. 

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About Me

 Hello, my name is Santiago Vazquez, I’m a candidate for Broward County Sheriff in the upcoming 2020 election. I’m a loving father to 4 amazing children, the youngest brother of 5, and a United States Army Veteran.  I  proudly served with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office for over 22 years.  I retired honorably in April 2016 for the sole purpose of running for sheriff, to restore our community, in stopping the politicizing of the sheriff’s office, which the main purpose is to serve the community. I’m running because not only has the past several sheriffs failed their employees but also the residents and guests of Broward County and our Nation. 

I will establish a sheriff's office that will run to serve and protect the constitutional and civil rights of ALL the PEOPLE. 

Vision & Mission

 I am Santiago Vazquez, a candidate for Broward County Sheriff.  I have several plans for making the Broward Sheriff’s Office better for all citizens of Broward County here are some of my plans.  

Protecting  our community is First and foremost along with  Mental Health Awareness to include an Anti-Bullying program for our schools, New Technology for our First Responders, Fiscal Responsibility for our Tax Payers and the support of criminal reform.

     A Mental Health project to assist our public safety professional in making sure that we can prevent future crimes or problems within our community by helping those who need assistance with mental health. Putting in place professionals to assist our first responders while acting fast to help mentally ill persons in any situation. Also providing an Anti-Bullying Program to protect our children not only in their schools but out in our streets. 


     New Technologies which needs to be implemented for efficiency and protection of life. Training our Law Enforcement Officers better practices to support the community and provide them with new tools to prevent and reduce the loss of life while protecting our streets. New Technology is needed for patrolling our streets and fairways, to prevent crime and keep our schools, businesses and homes safer. 

     Fiscal Responsibility because your tax payer’s dollars should not be going to waste by useless and unnecessary positions or units within the Sheriff's Office. Let's use our Tax-payer’s dollars  to help our community grow and support our local business owners.

My Mission will be committed to protecting, preserving and safeguarding the Constitutional and Civil Rights of all People through impartial and courteous law enforcement services. Through integrity and professionalism, we shall ensure the public’s - safety, trust and provide quality service in an open and honest partnership with our community.

“Allow me 1% of your trust and I will earn the rest of the 99%”

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 Vote! Escoja!  Voto! Votazione! голос! 

for Santiago Vazquez for Broward County Sheriff 

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August 18th, 2020

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